Windows Vista bug – clock is not updating

So there you are, working on a nice little project. Plenty of time before your eleven o'clock appointment is coming, expecting a nice demonstration of the current status.

“Hello” – someone says. What? Hey – guess what – it’s the customer!

“You’re early!” – I said.

“I am?, I thought we said eleven o’clock” – he replies.

Vista Clock

But I’m not finished and the clock in my right hand corner saids “10:24”. Aaargh. What’s going on? So I click on the damn clock and guess what, the time is REALLY “11:00”. Great!

Now, this has actually happend once for me and once for my coworker. Nothing major of course, but it is really annoying that you can’t trust the Windows Vista clock anymore. Either you have to click on the time in the right hard corner to make sure that it is really, really, the correct time – or maybe invest in a wrist-watch…

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  1. Zerpico says:

    Try changing the time server it uses. Some are overloaded.

  2. Konstantin says:

    This actually have happened several times to me and my cowerkers too. I was lucky to miss only lunch, not an important meeting 🙂

  3. Scott says:

    This still happens on Vista SP1. Great, I thought it would have been fixed.

    Btw this has nothing to do with an overloaded time server (Windows doesn’t freeze the time until it hears from a time server, that would be silly). It’s a bug in the shell. Can’t believe it’s not fixed even in SP1.

    My workaround is to right-click, properties, hide the clock, apply, show the clock, ok. I’ve missed more than a few buses because of this bug.

  4. flemo says:

    Zerpico: I don’t think time server can help. It’s not a problem, that Vista has wrong time, time is just wrong displayd, it’s not updated.
    If you click to a clock on taskbar, complete clock with calendar appears showing correct time, but in taskbar stays wrong time.
    I had to hide taskbar and next time it has shown correct time.

  5. It just happened to me now. Very strange and very nasty. I supposed I have still a plenty of time ahead, while the time was actually over.

  6. wil knight says:

    i want to say there have been some inconsistency with the time clock
    on my computer after installing windows vista on my toshiba satellite
    notebook it kept showing the wrong time. i installed the nist apploication and ran it and now its just of by 4 minutes i have to wait 24 hrs before i can report back if its keeping up… the problem is the second hand gets stuck.

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