Getting ready for Android development

Here are the steps I took to get my Android development environment set up on my Windows 7 64-bit box.

That’s it. Now off for some educational reading in how to write Android applications. I hope to get back on that matter.

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  1. Keyston says:

    Thanks for this , just got a driod and about to dive into developing a small app

  2. Marry says:

    Thanks for giving details explanation about how to configure Android platforms.

    I was struggling for 3 weeks to get target option in New Project Create dialog.. now i created a new project without any problem.

    Thank you for your guidance .


  3. srpanpaliya says:

    Thanks for the detail documentation. It has saved my lots of time.

  4. You are brilliant. Where are you based?

  5. admin says:

    Thank you (all!). I’m just glad to help. I’m in Sweden.

  6. dan says:

    Was stuck on the SSL error, this helped me figure it out. Thank you!

  7. tony says:

    Thanks so much. Just in case anyone runs into my problem – I got an error when creating new project – about gen files. Click Project->Clean and everything runs fine. No idea what caused the error.

  8. Aqeel says:

    thanks was very helpful.

  9. libcues says:

    mr. plate – greetings—I am starting prepare the makeshift hideaway where i will make my best attempt at a very unique app. I messed around with the source code a few months back and (thats how I learn, by messing around without proper instruction) and I have this question — I enjoyed your rundown and its on the wall, but what changes do you know about that may have occured between october 2009 and now? Any items I should read up on? I’m sure I’ll find out eventually, the easy way, or the hard way (but does it have to be the hard way?)

    cheers and to the readers — i hope you had an astonishing time with that code and are enjoying your successes!

  10. Balu says:

    Great article.I am getting some errors initially but this article and comments solved my problem. Thanks

  11. Toni says:

    Thanks a lot. It was very helpful for me.


  12. Paul says:

    Thanks man! I was also stucked on ssl error.

  13. Stella says:

    Thank you for this post. Your documentation is better than Google’s.

  14. Jomy says:

    I’ve downloaded the Android SDK and when i unzipped it and clicked on SDK.exe, i’ma gettting an error.
    Failed to fetch URL, reason:

    Could you please let me know what needs to be done here?

    I tried some tips and tricks but it didnt worked

    Thanks & regards,

    • admin says:

      Just change https to http in the address and retry in the dialog box with the error. Hopefully that is sufficient.

  15. Apu says:

    I am getting the following, with or without HTTPS

    Failed to fetch URL, reason:

    The link works fine in my browser. What do I need to do?

  16. Akhlaq says:

    hello there

    I am unable to select target platform it is just showing nothing.

    please help me…

    • @Akhlaq It sounds as though you haven’t set up the path to the Android SDK correctly. Assuming you have downloaded and unpacked the Android SDK to a folder on your computer, you need to specify that folder in Eclipse under Window, Preferences, Android. (Click the title of this comment for a screen dump of that dialog box on my computer.)

  17. paul says:

    “tack” -Paul from Dallas.

  18. Shivam says:

    I am getting the following, with or without HTTPS

    Failed to fetch URL, reason:

    The link works fine in my browser. What do I need to do?

  19. admin says:

    @Shivam Can you start “SDK Setup.exe” in the Android SDK folder and under Settings check “Force https:// to http://” and see if that helps? Screenshot of dialog box here:

  20. Ramesh says:

    Im getting the same failed to fetch URL error wont work even with the force http option or even adding another source with https corrected to http in sources. I added it to allowed program on windows and mcafee firewalls.
    Please help.
    Thanks a lot.

  21. Ramesh says:

    Hi Mike,
    I think i fixed it.
    I ran the following command from the command prompt.
    tools\android.bat update sdk
    It launches the same old sdk but it worked somehow.

  22. Tyrone Scott says:

    I need help getting what I need to download so I can try and make applications. I have Windows Vista 32bit Service pack 2, someone help !!!

  23. Alice says:

    I have an error when trying to create a new AVD.
    I get this in the console dialogue thing every time I click create AVD

    [2010-06-17 13:28:16 – SDK Manager] could not create file ‘C:\Users\Alice\.android\avd\emulator.avd\sdcard.img’, aborting…
    [2010-06-17 13:28:16 – SDK Manager] could not write to ‘C:\Users\Alice\.android\avd\emulator.avd\sdcard.img’, aborting…
    [2010-06-17 13:28:16 – SDK Manager] Failed to create the SD card.

    Thanks if anybody could help.. 🙂

  24. Simon Slater says:

    I have the same issue as Alice. When I try to create a new AVD I get the same error, which is Failed to Create SD card.

    I also have another problem. When I try to open my simple hello world app in the emulator I get a bus error. Example:

    * I launch the emulator from an avd with no sd card size settings.

    * then I install .apk file to the emulator. When I do I get a bus error.

    I think this is because I cannot create an emulator with a proper SD card setting. Am I right? Or is this another issue I need to deal with? Of course, any assistance is much appreciated.

  25. admin says:

    @Alice @Simon Just a few things that you probably have tried already, but just to be clear: Does the path mentioned in log exist? Can you manually create a text file or whatever in that directory? (in “…\emulator.avd\”). How large is the specified size of the sdcard file (enough empty room on hard drive)? Do you have any Anti Virus software that may block writing the file installed/running? (turn off and test!)

    Other than that, I think an advanced tool like Process Monitor for Windows would be my last resort in order to find out what the failing system call might be and the error code. But you’d have to know a lot about file system calls in Windows in order to get something out of such a log, and it might not lead you any closer anyhow.

  26. Brian Kriesel says:

    Thank you for the very useful article.

  27. ldso says:

    Hey folks, I ran into the same problem using the graphical AVD tool. I thought it must be just because I use a Mac, but apparently not so!

    I had to fix it by running the android executable by hand. For me it was:
    android list targets
    This showed me which api versions that I could choose for my avd:
    HP-J5780:~ ldso$ /Applications/android-sdk-mac_86/tools/android list targets
    Available Android targets:
    id: 1 or “android-3”
    Name: Android 1.5
    Type: Platform
    API level: 3
    Revision: 4
    Skins: HVGA (default), HVGA-L, HVGA-P, QVGA-L, QVGA-P
    id: 2 or “Google Inc.:Google APIs:3”
    Name: Google APIs
    Type: Add-On
    Vendor: Google Inc.
    Revision: 3
    Description: Android + Google APIs
    Based on Android 1.5 (API level 3)
    * (maps.jar)
    API for Google Maps
    Skins: HVGA (default), HVGA-L, QVGA-P, HVGA-P, QVGA-L

    … and so on. Using that info, I created an avd named eris2 with a target id of 3(for Android 2.1):
    HP-J5780:~ ldso$ /Applications/android-sdk-mac_86/tools/android create avd -n eris2 -t 3
    Android 2.1-update1 is a basic Android platform.
    Do you wish to create a custom hardware profile [no]
    Created AVD ‘eris2’ based on Android 2.1-update1,
    with the following hardware config:

    I hope that that is very helpful! I found the answer somewhere before. ldso

  28. Troy says:

    Ill add my thanks to the choir… saved me LOTS of work figuring all that out myself! 🙂

  29. Guru says:

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks a ton for the instructions. They worked like a charm. I am eagerly waiting for your links on how to develop applications.


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  31. Frank D says:

    AWESOME ARTICLE dude.. thank you very much.. haven’t programmed in years .. different versions of Basic.. did some HTLM for a bit.. but wanna learn this stuff.. excellent on making it easier for me to get this up and running without being frustrated !!!

  32. Mufeeda says:

    Thanks Mike.Great help…..:)

  33. bugmenot says:

    hello mike,
    can i download the android 2.2 plattform. i didnt find anything do dl the plattform. i dont have internet on work so i have to install it manually.

    ty and cya

    • admin says:

      @bugmenot Yes. After unzipping the Android SDK and then running “SDK Setup.exe”, the Android 2.2 platform should be one of the options. All platform version specific files are downloaded from the “SDK Setup.exe” utility (not by finding any files in your browser). If you are saying that you have to download from another computer than the one you will do your development on, I’m not sure exactly what has to be done. From your downloaded installation, you should be able to copy the folder ../platforms/android-8 to your other development machine to get the Android 2.2 platform files, but I suspect you might have to reference this in some more places in order to have it show up in Eclipse etc. Unfortunately I don’t know anything about the specifics.

  34. […] rig, and after some patience, and forum digging, was able to get my phone and pc to cooperate. Getting ready for Android development – Mike Plate helped me alot. I am on my first rooted android, and found this information fairly […]

  35. ziyenge says:


    Do I have to create a Java application before entering details such as

    Application name: My App
    Package name: com.mycompany.myapp
    Create Activity: MainActivity

    No icon on the right displays ‘Workbench’.

    I get an error message saying ‘2 errors, 0 warnings’.

    The errors say ‘Build path Build Path Problem’

  36. Larry says:

    Thanks Mike…this was a good article…I have setup the Android eclipse plugin and added my first project using the android wizard…running it displayed the emulator…didn’t have any problems with the install and setup but it was nice having this page to refer to if I did…thx man…

  37. Se7s says:


    I have downloaded the SDK R6 some time ago and now when I try to update to load the android platforms I get the following error:
    “Failed to fetch URL, reason: Software caused connection abort: recv failed ”

    I have tried re-installing and it doesn’t work, any ideas?



  38. Se7s says:

    Hi ,

    Quick update, I found out my ISP was for some reason blocking the urls to the update !! When I used my 3G connection I was able to update correctly



  39. Sutapa says:

    My Laptop opearting system id windows 7/64 bit.
    I have downloaded jdk6,android SDK(android-sdk_r07-windows),eclipse fro java developer(version 3.5.1)and adt plugin for eclipse.When I am trying to build the project helloANdroid,I am getting this error

    [2010-09-16 23:26:39 – HelloAndroid] Error generating final archive: Unable to get debug signature key

    Please let me know How I will solve?In my machine debug.keystore file is not created.

  40. Frank Lim says:

    Hello there! Just want to let you know that your article helped me solve the SSL issue. I couldn’t find the option on my own! Thanks!

  41. sne says:

    thanks a lot! great help 🙂

  42. Hady says:

    even after i added the and it worked ok
    restart and everything
    I still can’t see the Android under Preferences at the eclipse
    can you help me with it?

  43. turk says:

    You are the master…

  44. zelda says:

    Thank you! this helped me to solve the error “Failed to fetch URL“!!!

  45. Paul Santa Maria says:

    Great article, Mike.

    FYI, I came across this on Google because I was getting the following error:
    [SDK Manager] Failed to create the SD Card

    ROOT CAUSE: I was running on 64-bit Ubuntu, but all the Android executables are built as 32-bit.

    SOLUTION: install ia32-libs

    EXAMPLE: sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

  46. newbie says:


    after following the above procedure … i got stuck when i had to create a new virtual SD card…..becoz of error failed to create SD card

    help please

  47. BigBenGodSend says:

    I am getting the following, with or without HTTPS

    Failed to fetch URL, reason:

    The link works fine in my browser. What do I need to do? Can somebody help me?

  48. BigBenGodSend says:

    I have found the solution to the problem. It was the network that I was on at the workplace. When I took it home and used my personal network, it download the file. It was a rather large file, but the download worked as soon as I hit refresh.

  49. Peter Lavelle says:

    In Android SDK Manager I had a problem with fetching repository.xml with both the https and http versions.

    It worked after I figured out it was the Proxy server at work blocking things.

    In Android SDK Manager you need to go to Settings and fill in the name of the proxy server and the port.

    In IE6 you will be able to find this information under Tools, Internet Options, Connections, LAN Settings.

  50. Roger says:

    Great list. Very helpful.

  51. Tnx for putting it together. very helpful.

    I was facing challenges while installing package. It wasn’t loading and giving errs like cant create folder ‘blah/blab/temp’ on my windows 7 32 bit even though I have admin rights.

    Solution is to run SDK manager ‘as admin’.

    As you I too have lots of space. so I’m too installing all of them 😉

  52. Forgot to mention one more thing. The package refresh list was failing even after changing to http as you told. This got solved when I added http proxy settings.

    I thought of adding a step list/check list for beginners like me in my blog. The intention is to help others. I will keep commenting my troubles and found solutions here. Hope you don’t mind.

  53. Jimo says:

    I found one more reason. In ‘settings’->’HTTP Proxy Server’ don’t enter the whole proxy server url like this: http:// . Just enter without specifying http protocol. It took me an hour to find it out.

  54. Jimo says:

    Sorry, but the anti-spam deleted the address examples in the previous post. What I meant is: just skip http in the beginning of you url

  55. chirag says:

    hey i am stuck in 1 problem . i have to fetch a url from webpage . . i am accessing the web page through android web browser . so the thing is its a dynamic web page . so when i press a link it shows a link . which i have to fetch it . how can i do tht ?

  56. mikeplate says:

    @chirag I think you’ll be better off asking specific questions over on This might steer you in the right direction:

  57. aisha says:

    hey mike, hope you are fine and thanks for this awesome article..
    will you please help me 🙂
    i’m getting error
    Error generating final archive: Unable to get debug signature key

    plz.. 🙂

  58. aisha says:

    i tried deleting .android and debug the project again but still can’t figured it out, i’m stuck in it for one week.. so plz any help about why this happening..

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