Microsoft TechEd Europe 2009 in Berlin, Wednesday

Day three at TechEd was the best one this far. Maybe getting better at selecting good sessions and speakers, which is always somewhat of a science in itself. The food is great, even better than in Barcelona. After some glitches with queuing to the lunch rooms the first day, everything has run smoothly. Warm food buffet style with vegetables and rolls. Very tasty indeed.

WIA06-IS The Orchard Project – An interactive discussion on delivering.NET-based open source applications and components – Bradley Millington

This could be one of the most unknown release sessions of all of TechEd. In fact, the code for Orchard was released to Code Plex yesterday, so today is the first time Bradley Millington from the team is speaking publicly about it. Although he didn’t want to make a big deal of it. It is, after all, a project in its very early stages.

Orchard is an open source project with a Microsoft team of seven people. It is a platform for content management and more. You can easily compare it to WordPress, and think of it as a “WordPress killer”, but those are my words and nothing that Bradley referred to at all. However, it is pretty easy to see the similarities with WordPress although far far far from the feature set (as of today).

There are of course open source content management systems for the .NET platform, but I find this very interesting since it is coming from Microsoft and therefore has potential for being important. I felt this was the most interesting project of all the projects presented in one form or the other (commercial or otherwise) at this year’s TechEd. Lets hope it will live a long and happy life.

Some notes from Bradleys talk:

Final verdict: this session was great!

DEV306 F# for Parallel and Asynchronous Programming – Don Syme

Another fast and beatifully performed demo of F# by Don Syme. Not that much discussion about the F# language (all correct according to the session description), but I think he stilled managed to give everyone a short introduction to F# in the more general sense also. Some code snippets was very briefly looked at and although I didn’t understand everything he went through, I liked the pace and the content.

A few notes:

Final verdict: this session was good.

DEV01-DEMO Microsoft Visual Studio Team System 2010 Team Foundation Server: Become Productive in 30 Minutes – Brian Randell

In under 30 minutes Brial Randell manages to install Team Foundation Server on a client operations system such as Windows 7. Brian is very entertaining in his presentation and makes a good case for using TFS on your laptop or otherwise “disconnected” (from central server) development machine.

No specific notes from this session.

Final verdict: this session was good.

DEV204 Unit Testing Best Practices – Roy Osherove

Unfortunately Roys guitar was broken so we didn’t get to hear him sing one of his songs. On attendee left after this breaking news story – no, just kidding. Roy is very competent and highly knowledgeable in his field, which is unit testing (and more, I’m sure!). He calmly and thoughtfully presents his views and tips when doing unit testing in your projects. Nothing earth shattering here (either), but still very good advice to think about in your daily development life.

Final verdict: this session was good.

WIA404 Data Driven Microsoft ASP.NET Web Forms Applications Deep Dive – Jeff King

Jeff King delivers yet another solid walk through of new features in ASP.NET web forms for .NET 4.0. Quite a few things has happened. Better JavaScript integration, usage of ADO.NET data services and more. The templating story has improved. You can now template field types and/or individual fields.

Some classes and/or methods that Jeff showed (look them up to learn more):

Final verdict: this session was good.

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