Scandinavian Web Developers Conference Day 1

This is a short summary of the talks during the first day of Scandinavian Web Developers Conference in Stockholm, June 2 2010. Please note that it is a very short summary with abbreviations and contexts that might only make sense to me (if even that).

Peter Svensson welcomes us to the conference. No wifi for all, unfortunately. 3G coverage inside the cinema was just ok to work.

The first day is about the front-end and back-end of web development.

Robert Nyman – HTML5

Overview of HTML5 with a slight focus to the actual HTML and not so much all the new apis.

Stefan Pettersson – Developing Large-Scale JavaScript Web Sites

Not so technical/concret, but still a good overview of some things to think about for web sites with heavy loads (and I would think, even good for small sites).

Alexander Lang – Designing domain models with document databases

Some patterns on how to design the domain model for a document database.

Rik Arends – Developing applications in the cloud

Showing a complete development IDE in the browser. Not available publicly just yet.

Daniel Glazman – Browser War 2010

A frenchmen showing languages skills in Swedish too. Inside W3C working groups.

Dylan Schiemann – Programming to patterns

Sergey Ilinsky – Managing complex client-side GUI Apps the right way

Mark Wubben – Building browser extensions with Chrome.

Malte Ubl – Getting started with node.js

Patrick Chanezon – Google for developers

Chris Heilmann – Clever re-use of web technologies

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