Scandinavian Web Developers Conference Day 2

This is a short summary of the talks during the second day of Scandinavian Web Developers Conference in Stockholm, June 3, 2010. Please note that it is a very short summary with abbreviations and contexts that might only make sense to me (if even that).

The second day is about the mobile web development.

Wolfram Kriesing – Cross-platform mobile apps.

Mikael Kindborg – The New Mobile Web – A Web of Scripted Applications

Claes Nilsson and Thomas Bailey – The phone in the cloud

From Sony Ericsson, main sponsor.

Tom Hughes-Croucher – Mobile Data – How to avoid the latency trap when using web services

Tom Blackmore – Handling spatial data on the web

Nikolai Onken – Human APIs, expanding the mobile web to the real world

Michael Mahemoff – HTML5 gives you wings

Henk Jurriens – Building linked data applications for the iPhone

Tim Caswell – Node.js powered mobile apps for end-to-end JavaScript development

A bit shorter in the wrap-up of the conference, but a good two days.

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