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Rewind master if you forgot to create new branch in Git

My situation in Git was this: I'd continued to work in the master branch and made a few commits when I realized that I should do this new stuff in a separate branch and keep the master where it was several commits ago. Turns out this is very simple to do, but I thought that it was worth a blog post anyway. Read more...


Work in progress. Bash scripts for automating downloading and building of Nginx with Passenger and more on Ubuntu servers. https://github.com/mikeplate/ubuntu-admin


Discovered two things about css today: you can turn off table spacing with "border-spacing: 0px" and the default box-sizing for tables differs between browsers, it is "box-sizing: content-box" on WebKit and "box-sizing: border-box" on all other browsers. Note though that box-sizing is not relevant until you set "display: block" for the table.

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