My name is Mikael Plate and this is my blog. I've been a software developer all of my professional life. Born in 1969 I've seen the rise of the PC, Microsoft and Windows in which's environment I grew up. But I do feel that I have only in recent years become a man when I have broadened my horizon and delved into open source technologies. Nowadays I'm all over the place, and loving every minute of it.

No, doubt, growing up with Microsoft means that technologies such as Windows, .NET and C# will always have a place in my heart. I just felt that life is to short to focus on a single team in the game of technologies. That’s my I’m particularly enjoying new areas such as Linux/Ubuntu and Ruby on the server side, iOS and Android on the client side.

I own a Mac, but I still prefer Windows 7 on my desktop and laptop. I use Android on my phone and I use iOS on my iPad (obviously). Just to give you proof that I mean what I say when I claim to be agnostic with regards to all good technologies.

Still, when it comes to multiple years of experience, my areas of expertise are:

Areas that are more relevant and interesting to me today, but where my experience is within the 1-2 year range, are:

At the moment I work as a freelance developer in Sweden.

5 Responses to “About”

  1. Andreas Borutta says:

    Hi Mike,

    I read your article about connecting Skydrive via WebDav. Thanks for it.

    You mentioned “Of course the maximum size of a single file is still enforced”.

    My question:
    There is a commercial tool SDExplorer which offers the possibility to use files without a maximum size:


    Do you know any way to connect skydrive without this tool but with the possibility to use it with big files?

    Regards from Berlin, Andreas

    • admin says:

      @Andreas Borutta: Nice to hear from Berlin! I enjoyed the city very much during TechEd Europe 2009. I would guess that any applications that get around this limitation does it by cutting up larger files into pieces. I would assume that if you use such an application and look at the directory in the Microsoft web interface for SkyDrive, they would not show up as a single file but rather multiple files.

  2. Phil Chappel says:

    I’m a technical recruiter and reviewed your information that I found online and think you may qualify for some of the positions we are actively recruiting for. Please review the information below and let me know if qualify and if so, what your level of interest in learning more might be. If you may be interested, we’ll schedule a time to discuss for a few minutes. If you are not interested at this time but know of other people who might be, I’d appreciate you referring me to them. Thanks.

    Our client is a dynamic young proximity internet company. They are improving the speed high speed media delivery that is 5-10X times faster than 3G) and quality of mobile internet and are currently seeking outstanding candidates to join their team. Junior, intermediate and senior level candidates will be considered. New York City location (these might be able to work out of Philadelphia office and/or be telecommute most of the time). Excellent compensation and stock option packages. Permanent positions.

    Mobile Application Developers

    · At least 2 years of commercial software development experience, with reference for experience in development of top performing products, with some user interface development, and in solid middle-layer application development

    · Experience developing for a mobile device is preferred (iPhone / Android experience a strong plus), although on the side / other experience will be considered as well (mobile phone or mobile game console or PDA)

    · Significant experience with Obj-C, Java, and C++

    · Experience with essential application development frameworks and libraries is preferred (ie. Cocoa (UIKit, CoreFoundation, WebKit, OpenGL, OpenAL) / iPhone 3.1 OS, Android 2.1 SDK / Android OS, or comparable frameworks / libraries in Symbian and Windows Mobile) or proven experience of being a very quick study

    · Experience with application layer networking is preferred (HTTP / RTP / FTP) and familiarity with transport layer networking is preferred (TCP / UDP, sockets, proxies, Bonjour / Zeroconf / NSNetServices)

    · User interface design experience with touch screen based devices is preferred

    · BS / MS in computer science or comparable educational background, with top-notch academic backgrounds preferred

    · Solid experience with releasing applications or commercial software to market preferred

    · Solid awareness of open source and existing software products to leverage internally

    Drive to achieve stretch goals in an innovative, fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment

  3. Joel Parker says:

    I was having an issue with layout in Android and wanted to know if you might be able to answer my noob question: I am trying to create the layout to the built in Messaging application, mainly the section with the Caption “New Message” and the plus sign. I went through the MMS source and still cannot find how to make this simple layout. Do you know how to make the header that looks like( + New message ) ?

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