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Making web site certificate work for Android

I installed a web site certificate called GeoTrust QuickSSL from on a site of mine. That wasn't too hard I think. Everything looked fine when I tested it on my desktop browsers. However inside of the Android emulator (version 2.1 and others) and also on my newest Android device (running 2.3.5) I got a warning that the certificate wasn't trusted. Read more...


Install Android development environment on Windows 7

About a year ago I wrote a blog post about how to get started with Android development on Windows. At lot of new versions has been released since then, even though the basic packages needed are the same. This is a recap of what to download and how to set it up in order to develop Android applications on Windows 7 (64-bit). Read more...


Show a context menu for long-clicks in an Android ListView

Coming from a Windows and .NET background, I had some trouble understanding how to interact with the ListView control and context menu creation in Android. Context menus are supposed to be shown on your mobile device when you touch/click the screen and hold on for a longer time. So here is how to determine which item is long-clicked and how to show a context menu for it. Read more...


Getting ready for Android development

Here are the steps I took to get my Android development environment set up on my Windows 7 64-bit box. Read more...


Laptop connection to HTC Hero with 3G

If you have an HTC Hero with a flat rate subscription for data traffic, it is very nice to use it for your laptop's internet connection as well. Of course, this is valid for any HTC phone or any Android phone for that matter, but I have an HTC Hero so that is what I can tell you about. Read more...

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