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Scott Guthrie in Stockholm

Scott Guthrie's first visit to Sweden was of course nothing I was going to miss. It sounded especially interesting since the top was Visual Studio 2010, ASP.NET 4.0 and Silverlight 4.0, none of which I thought had gotten due attention at TechEd Europe in Berlin last month. This is the man that co-invented ASP.NET and more recently the MVC framework on top of ASP.NET. Would he wear that red tennis t-shirt that has become his signature? Yes! And the presentation was well worth waiting for also. Read more...


Microsoft TechEd Europe 2009 in Berlin, Friday

So the last day of TechEd is over. After a full week, my brain is a little tired. The last day doesn't have the same energy as the other days. I find it somewhat unfortunate. The lunch was only a bag with sandwich, salad and stuff. The lunch break is shortened and only one session after lunch. Of course, people want to go home since I assume their brains are as tired as mine. But I did manage to retrieve some previously unknown facts for Silverlight. Read more...


Microsoft TechEd Europe 2009 in Berlin, Thursday

Half time has passed and it is time to secure the most valuable knowledge before the week has ended. The tactics of session selection is complex. You could go for the topics that interest you the most, but since all of the breakout sessions are being recorded I would recommend to go more on the speaker than the subject. That is, do you recognize the speaker name as someone who usually presents with passion, knowledge and wit, choose that session even if the actual topic isn't your highest priority. Read more...


Microsoft TechEd Europe 2009 in Berlin, Wednesday

Day three at TechEd was the best one this far. Maybe getting better at selecting good sessions and speakers, which is always somewhat of a science in itself. The food is great, even better than in Barcelona. After some glitches with queuing to the lunch rooms the first day, everything has run smoothly. Warm food buffet style with vegetables and rolls. Very tasty indeed. Read more...


Microsoft TechEd Europe 2009 in Berlin, Tuesday

Day two was also mixed. Three good presentations and two wastes of time. Berlin Messe is really a huge complex. I've noted that some have complained about the long distances between session rooms, technical learning center, lunch and so on. Yes, it was more compact in Barcelona, however I didn't find it to be a big issue. With 30 minutes between sessions it is not a problem. The conference material states that there would be no wifi connectivity inside session rooms (which seemed a bit odd in these times of twittering), but it turned out that it was only in a few session rooms this was true. I had good enough connectivity in most session rooms. Read more...

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