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Making web site certificate work for Android

I installed a web site certificate called GeoTrust QuickSSL from on a site of mine. That wasn't too hard I think. Everything looked fine when I tested it on my desktop browsers. However inside of the Android emulator (version 2.1 and others) and also on my newest Android device (running 2.3.5) I got a warning that the certificate wasn't trusted. Read more...


Work in progress. Bash scripts for automating downloading and building of Nginx with Passenger and more on Ubuntu servers.


Stop http.sys from listening on port 80 in Windows

On Windows 7 there is a system service called http.sys that listens on port 80. That makes it impossible to run applications and services that haven't been integrated with this feature to also listen on port 80, like Apache HTTP Server or Nginx. Here is one way to solve that problem. Read more...


Nginx configuration for making sure no directories or files starting with an underscore (_) in root can be downloaded from the web server: location ~ ^/_ { return 404; }


Nginx configuration setting to automatically map subdomains to subdirectories: server_name ~^(.*)\.mysite\.com$; root /srv/www/$1;

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