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Stop http.sys from listening on port 80 in Windows

On Windows 7 there is a system service called http.sys that listens on port 80. That makes it impossible to run applications and services that haven't been integrated with this feature to also listen on port 80, like Apache HTTP Server or Nginx. Here is one way to solve that problem. Read more...


Install Android development environment on Windows 7

About a year ago I wrote a blog post about how to get started with Android development on Windows. At lot of new versions has been released since then, even though the basic packages needed are the same. This is a recap of what to download and how to set it up in order to develop Android applications on Windows 7 (64-bit). Read more...


First investigation of Windows Azure

So I have finally found some time to experiment with Windows Azure. My starting-point is that I'm a freelance developer that needs hosting services in order to try out several different ideas of my own. I first wanted to get a better understanding of what a virtual machine looks like in Windows Azure. What is it exactly? I know it's a Microsoft Windows Server box running on Hyper-V, at least that is what Microsoft has told me. But then what? Read on to discover some of my findings. Note, however, that I'm not an expert and I'm sure that some of my findings and questions could be answered by reading documentation somewhere but I like to get my hands dirty by looking under the hood. Read more...


Suddenly unidentified network in Windows 7

This problem really had me worried for a few hours today. I was working as usual on my recently purchased Dell XPS Studio 435MT when all of the sudden the network died. I have a cable connection to a switch, which is connected to an Asus router which is then connected to an ADSL provider. So I started to investigate my cabling and restarting switch and router, but nothing helped. I then verified that my network was ok by starting my backup laptop and it did get an internet connection so everything was fine there. Read more...


Getting ready for Android development

Here are the steps I took to get my Android development environment set up on my Windows 7 64-bit box. Read more...


Laptop connection to HTC Hero with 3G

If you have an HTC Hero with a flat rate subscription for data traffic, it is very nice to use it for your laptop's internet connection as well. Of course, this is valid for any HTC phone or any Android phone for that matter, but I have an HTC Hero so that is what I can tell you about. Read more...


Windows Vista bug – clock is not updating

So there you are, working on a nice little project. Plenty of time before your eleven o'clock appointment is coming, expecting a nice demonstration of the current status. Read more...


Running legacy asp scripts on Vista and IIS 7.0

Getting my legacy asp scripts to run against a Microsoft Access database on Windows Vista and IIS 7.0 took some investigation. Read more...

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